How to use

Meteoric Reorder allows you to create direct links for customers to repeat an old order. The cart is pre-populated with customer details, shipping address, correct variants and quantites depending on stock.

Privacy is very important to us, that's why we are protecting your data with 4 pieces of information that are impossible to guess by a third party:

  • Order ID (not sequential)
  • Email address
  • Date of purchase
  • Total of the order

If you're using one of the following providers you can follow the instructions for easy integration:


Klaviyo's Shopify integration creates the necessary event variables we use to build the URL, paste this URL:{{}}?email={{event.extra.contact_email}}&total={{event.extra.total_price}}&created_at={{event.extra.created_at}}

Shopify notification templates

Paste this URL in your Liquid email template related to orders:{{}}?email={{}}&total={{order.total_price}}&created_at={{order.created_at}}

Shopify Email

Paste this URL in your HTML email:{{order.legacyResourceId}}?email={{}}&total={{order.totalPriceSet.shopMoney.amount}}&created_at={{order.createdAt}}


You will need to fill the correct data in place and use the URL in your template: